Smart Digital Card Lock in Silver


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Automatic Locking

After entering user code or presenting key card the user must push down on the external lever to unlock the door within 10 seconds, otherwise the device will automatically re-lock itself.

If this occurs re enter user code or present ID card.

Card System

Key Cards: Used to open the digital door lock, up to 200 personal key cards available.

Management Key Card: Used to control and alter the security combination of any key card.

Burglar and child proof function

Entering the incorrect numerical security code three times or scanning the incorrect key card three times will set off an alarm for 30 seconds and the keypad will shut down for 5 minutes.

Added security

If your user code consists of 6 digits you are able to enter any code as long as it ends with your 6 digit code.

For example your set code is 123456. You can unlock the device by pressing “876453836123456” followed by the ” * ” key.

This will provide extra security if someone is watching while you enter the user code.

Passage function

The lock has a passage function which allows the lock to be set in a non locking position, ideal for high traffic areas

Technical Specification

Uses standard card: EM contactless ID card

Electric power source: 4 AAA alkaline batteries

Working humidity: 15%RH-95%RH

Static current: <25 micro amps

Operating current: <120 micro amps

Voltage Alarm

3 beeps will sound when batteries are low.

  • Key card or key operational
  • 3 x Key Cards and 1 x Management Key Card included
  • 5 x Door lock keys included
  • Suits door thickness: 38mm – 55mm
  • Available in left or right hand
  • 70mm Backset
  • Product Options:
    • Left Hand (As Shown in Product Image)
    • Right Hand (As Shown in Below)
  • Product Colour:
    • Black
    • Silver