Lock cylinders in Sydney supply you added safety

  • Suitable for mortice locks
  • Available in double cylinder (62mm or 70mm) CYlinder & Turn (62mm), Half Cylinder (45mm) and Half Turn Only (45mm).
  • Euro 45mm Cylinder Range in Satin Chrome or Polished Brass finishes.
  • Euro 60mm & 70mm Cylinder Range in Satin Chrome or Chrome Plate or Polished Brass finishes.
  • Euro 60mm & 70mm avalable Fixed or Lazy Cam function to choice.
  • Suitable for most common Euro Mortice locks & screen/sliding door locks.
  • Fixing screw include (we also can provide longer screw for other application)

Understanding a lock system is actually a beneficial skill that comes in handy at the time of mishap. People opt for reliable locks, as they have been in good use for many years. These locks are available in different types but all have one primary purpose that is to secure things. Locks act as the first line of defense against external threat to the house. There are different kinds of locks available in the market and buyers can easily choose one from these options. With the advancement in science and technology, different kinds of locks have been devised. In addition, modern locks are manufactured accommodating several designs as well, so that people can choose accordingly as per the taste and budget. Today lock manufacturers design and produce locks that contribute to the overall elegance of the house and security. The installation of Cylinder lock makes the door look beautiful, thus adding a touch of elegance to the overall appearance of the building.

People staying in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane can easily obtain lock cylinders through professional firm’s websites. These firms have managed to secure strong marketplace and brand value. The thorough search of the modern market has empowered these firms to offer the best-in-quality range of hardware products. When it comes to lock cylinders, these online firms have huge selection ranging from satin Chrome, Polished brass or Chrome plated locks. Some of lock cylinders in Sydney includes Euro Cylinders, 45mm Single Cylinder KD – Satin Chrome, 62mm Double Cylinder KD – Polished Brass, 70mm Double Cylinder KD – Polished Brass, Oval 570 Cylinders, Oval Cylinder KA864100 with SP Cam – Satin Chrome, Oval Cylinder Escutcheon – Satin Chrome, Round 201 cylinders to name a few.